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Summer brings daily discomfort every year for 12 million hay fever sufferers in the UK. Severe hay fever symptoms can effectively ruin summer for those who are unlucky enough to experience them year after year. When symptoms are severe, hay fever can be almost debilitating and have a distinctly detrimental effect on both the ability to work effectively and on the individual’s quality of life too.

Certain parts of the UK are particularly badly affected by pollens and allergens likely to give severe symptoms, with the most likely culprits being a mixture of flower and tree pollen such as silver birch and rape seed. It is estimated that one in five people in the UK now suffer from the condition.

For some, symptoms can begin as early as March and for others July to September will be the worst time to experience sore, itchy eyes, a runny nose and sneezing; the most common symptoms.

Many hay fever sufferers will have tried numerous over the counter and prescription medications, from tablets and medicines to nasal sprays and more, and still experience a daily struggle to control their symptoms. If you, like so many others, have severe symptoms that fail to respond to other treatments, such as oral anti histamine medications or topical eyedrops, consider trying a new one-off treatment, now available from Pure Aesthetics at our clinic in Eldon Chambers, Nottingham.

The hay fever injection is a corticosteroid injection which has anti-inflammatory properties. It suppresses the immune system and stops the natural pollen response from going ‘haywire’. This is the same medication given by doctors regularly for tennis elbow, various ligament and muscular strains, osteoarthritis and other joint conditions.

The Hay Fever Injection costs £50.00 per 40mg dose which includes the free consultation.

As with all injected medications, and in line with good medical practice, our registered nurse will undertake a careful risk assessment to make sure that you are a good candidate for the treatment, and will explain the potential side effects and likely benefits in detail.

The injection is given in the top of the buttock and starts working almost immediately, so for most clients they will find that the treatment typically ‘kicks in’ anywhere from one to 48 hours after administration.

Side effects are possible, predominantly this is limited to a dimpling of the skin at the site of the injection. This dimpling is uncommon; however, patients are always advised that it may occur and like all administered medications, the risks of any treatment should be balanced against the potential benefit of the treatment given.

The overwhelming feedback from patients in terms of response, control of symptoms and improvement in quality of life is extremely positive.

If administered when hay fever symptoms first appear, the treatment can give symptom remission that lasts for the duration of the entire pollen or allergen season (usually three months). The specific dose required to effectively control symptoms is carefully determined on an individual basis linked to body weight.

At Pure Aesthetics in Nottingham, we see many patients who have tried both oral and topical medications without much symptomatic improvement – including those who work outdoors, those with severe allergic reactions to pollen, business people whose summers and meetings are ruined by their symptoms, drivers who feel unsafe to be on the road and, interestingly, a number of pharmacists, doctors and NHS GPs.

No intervention currently available to severe hay fever sufferers in the UK offers greater convenience, symptom relief and patient satisfaction than this single intramuscular injection which can last up to three months. Many patients have already reported back to us to say that the treatment has made them feel so much better and that they have truly regained their quality of life this summer.

If you feel that the hay fever injection could help you too get the most out of your summer, call us at Pure Aesthetics on 01159 502020 for further information or to book your consultation.

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  1. Jools

    I have been attending Pure Aesthetics for various treatments over the last few years.
    I canno’t emphasise enough what a lovely calm environment this place is to receive treatments.
    I have been treated over time by Helen who is absolutely amazing I her beside manner and her kowledge of all treatments invasive and non invasive, is second to none.
    Also Rachel, who I have the pleasure of treating me every couple of months.
    She is very knowledgeable and skilled and will always give her honest views on whether the treatment would be right for me.
    I trust her judgement 100per cent and would have no problem in recommending them to others.
    Pure Aesthetics take great pride in sendi g their staff on training days and they are fully up with all the latest treatments and innovations.
    I can’t thank them enough for building up my confidence and believing in me.

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