Bespoke Lip Treatment – Belotero Lips

Bespoke lip treatment Belotero lips takes lip enhancement to a new level with two, complementary products for natural looking, predictable and harmonious results.

Belotero lips offers versatility for a personalised lip treatment. With the Belotero lip range it offers the first complementary approach to lip enhancement. Just like lipstick and lipliner complement each other. Belotero Lips Shape and Belotero Lips Contour providing volume and definition for a tailored treatment approach.

This bespoke lip treatment gives you natural, even volumisation, removes “lipstick lines”, balances irregularities, enhances curves and contours of the lip area. It also improves the perioral lines and wrinkles and reduces the drooping of the mouths corners.

The main benefits of the Belotero lips is that it has a natural intergration, you get natural mouth movement and has long lasting effects with a high client satisfaction.

Belotero lips Contour 0.6ml acts as the lipliner and Belotero Lips Shape 0.6ml acts as the Lipstick creating the natural looking combination bespoke lip treatment tailored to you.

The results last between 6-12 months

The treatment cost £300.00 with a complementary Pro Facial Deluxe added in, to not only enhance your lips but to hydrate your skin too leaving it feeling rejuvenated and nourished.

The Pro Facial Deluxe would be recommended 2 weeks post Bespoke Lip Treatment, it is not advised to conduct the two treatments on the same day.

PRO Facial