ATTENTION ALL HAYFEVER SUFFERERS! The hayfever Injection costs £65.00 per 40mg dose which includes the free consultation. Severe hayfever symptoms can ruin peoples’ summers and have a detrimental effect on quality of life and ability to work optimally. Certain parts of the UK are particularly affected by pollens and allergens likely to give severe symptoms, […]

Vitamin C in Skincare


We all know the importance of vitamins and minerals in our diet to keep our bodies healthy, but vitamins have a role to play in our skincare regimes too. Vitamin C has several properties that make it desirable in skincare formulations: it is an anti-oxidant that protects skin from environmental pollution and sun damage, it […]

Burghley Horse Show


Here at Pure Aesthetics we are very mindful of the saying” All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” and strive to maintain a healthy work/life balance in our own lives. During client consultations we try to find out about this balance and advise on ways in which to improve it. Finding out […]