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Brow lamination is the newest beauty craze of 2020 and is everywhere we look at the moment. Brows are only going to get bigger and fluffier as trends go on.

Brow lamination is the process of resetting the hairs into a position that suits the client, in most cases fluffed up and brushed up. A lot of people experience downward growing hairs which can cause the brows to appear thinner than they actually are. Once laminated, the brows are given a new lease of life.

People first heard of this treatment over in Moscow and realised that they were actually using the same equipment as an LVL lift. Since this has ventured into the UK, its progressed and a solution has been developed which is able to deal with delicate hairs.

Social media and TV personalities are such a huge influence in todays society, it doesn’t take long with the likes of the Kardashians walking the Victoria Secret runway with brushed up brows that we want to mirror the same effect.

The runway has always seen the natural, unkept brows and with everyone’s busy lifestyles we’ve realised lamination is an effective way of achieving the same look with less maintenance.

Lamination changes the structure of the hair growth pattern and resets it into a position that thickens and enhances the brows. No makeup is applied which makes it much less maintenance. Its also much longer lasting than other brow treatments and lasts 6-8 weeks. The process of brow lamination is essentially a perm for the eyebrows. Its restructuring the brow with a setting lotion and breaking down bonds in the follicle to make it set where the client desires. After a neutralising lotion is applied, the brows stay lifted in the position for weeks. For the laminated brows, a nourishing oil should be applied to add any lost moisture during the chemical process.

One of the best things about brow lamination is that transformation can be seen on clients with thinner brows too. Sometimes it is difficult for clients with less hair to find a brow treatment which benefits them, because brow lamination is lifting the hairs, those small hairs at the top of the brow which grow downwards will be set to enhance the shape and thickness. This is a fast, quick easy brow fix for £40.00 and a total brow transformation in 45 minutes.

Book your appointment today. Patch test required 24 hours before treatment.

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