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Vitamin C in Skincare


We all know the importance of vitamins and minerals in our diet to keep our bodies healthy, but vitamins have a role to play in our skincare regimes too. Vitamin C has several properties that make it desirable in skincare formulations: it is an anti-oxidant that protects skin from environmental pollution and sun damage, it […]



7 things you should know about semi-permanent make-up: If you’re fed up of applying your make-up in the mornings or needing to do touch-ups throughout the day, semi-permanent make-up could be the solution for you. It can save you time and means it’s one less thing to worry about, so it’s perfect for those that […]

OPI Breakfast At Tiffany’s Nail Collection



OPI BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S NAIL COLLECTION OPI Breakfast at Tiffany’s nail collection “I believe in manicures.” The words famously uttered by film and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn could not ring truer at OPI. Which is why they are excited to unveil the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Christmas Collection which captures the elegance and effervescence of Audrey […]

Laser Hair Removal Pure Aesthetics



Laser Hair Removal Pure Aesthetics What is Laser Hair Removal ? Laser Hair Removal Pure Aesthetics.  Dealing with unwanted hair isn’t a case of simply locating hair and removing, or reducing it. It’s imperative to consider not only different phenotypes, but characteristics of hair such as hair thickness, hair colour, and depth of the follicle. […]

Chemical Peels Skin Rejuvenation – Pure Aesthetics Nottingham


Chemical Peels Skin Rejuvenation – Pure Aesthetics Nottingham Chemical Peeling induces a direct injury to a targeted depth of the skin to deliver an improved appearance and positive changes to the surface and texture. Peels are usually categorised into three depths of skin penetration. The are: superficial (epidermis), medium (papillary) and deep (reticular dermis). Chemical […]



HEALGEL AT PURE AESTHETICS!!!! Pure Aesthetics Nottingham are pleased to stock the healgel range. Repair. Replenish. Revive. Regenerate. Impeccable pedigree, remarkable results. HealGel is an exceptional range of products, designed by a team of top plastic surgeons to deliver genuinely effective skin care. THE FIVE SOOTHING COMPLEXES Bringing together the world’s finest active ingredients to soothe […]