Dear Pure Aesthetics
As a newcomer to your clinic for laser hair removal via the Nottingham Gender Clinic, I wanted to write to say how impressed I am by the level of care, quality of treatment and general reception I have received from Pure Aesthetics.

I was there yesterday receiving my 3rd facial laser treatment with Rachel, and I am already incredibly impressed by the results I am seeing and this is very important to me. Having paid for laser treatment privately myself previously, I was quite dubious about what it would be like funded by the NHS. How wrong could I be, I have seen better results from the few sessions I have had with Rachel than from the many sessions I have had previously.

What’s more I would like to make a special mention of how great Rachel is, not just at the job she does but at the friendly, respectful and generally warm way in which she treats you as a person no matter what the circumstances. Believe me, it’s hard to find at times as a transwoman but it is fantastic to be made to feel valid and accepted as I have done.