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Looking for that defined shape and colour we can help you achieve beautiful eyebrows, whether you have naturally nice brows or you are blonde and have light eyebrows waxing and tinting will create a great look that you will love.

Complete Brow and Lash Tint


Eyebrow Shape


Eyebrow Tint


Eyelash Tint


LVL Lash Lift & Tint


Please note all tinting will require a patch test 24 hours before treatment.

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions:

Mascara Effect Lashes:

Get natural looking lashes that last for weeks. We place one individual lash to every other natural lash to create a subtle, soft look, like wearing mascara without the hassle of applying it.

Full Set £30

Infill £15

Classic Lashes:

Same as the description above, however we apply one single lash to each of your natural lashes, for a more fuller, thicker look.

Full set £60

Infill £30

Hybrid Lashes:

Hybrid’s are a mixture of Classic lashes and handmade Russian lashes combined to create a wispie look with definition.

Full Set £64

Infill £33

Handmade Russian Lashes:

With the handmade Russian lashes we create the lightweight fans ourselves with up to 6 lashes per fan. Creating fluffy and dramatic lashes with lots of volume.

Full set £67

Infill £36

Please note a glue patch test will be required 24 hours before treatment.


  1. Clara

    Hello, I would like to check through images the difference among the semi permanent eyelashes extensions, given that Isearched it on Instagram but I didn’t find notingh.

    Thank you in advance,

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