Five Botox Myths Dispelled

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Botox has been widely used in the aesthetics industry for more than 17 years now. Still, however, there are some widely held myths about the treatment, which are simply incorrect. Botox remains the UK’s most popular treatment for wrinkles and, here at Pure Aesthetics, we see many clients regularly having the treatment as they love the way it gives them a wonderfully fresh appearance. For clients who suffer from excessive sweating the effects can be truly life-changing. Here we dispel five of the most common myths surrounding Botox treatment.

Botox will distort your facial expressions

Many people are afraid that having Botox will freeze their facial expressions, to the point that they look strange, cannot smile or frown properly but instead will look ‘frozen’. Not true. As renowned French surgeon Dr Nabet commented on the treatment, “If you can’t move your face, it hasn’t been done correctly. It’s all about where you put it and how much is used. If Botox is administered well, it should be impossible for the untrained eye to tell you’ve had any. The key is a subtle, understated approach, keeping expression in the face.” So, if a natural, improved version of yourself is what you are seeking, then this is exactly what your consultant will set out to achieve. Consulting an expert is crucial, at Pure Aesthetics in Nottingham, Botox is only administered by fully-trained, experienced aesthetic nurses and treatment is always tailored to a client’s individual needs.

Botox is toxic, it’s dangerous to inject it into your body

Well, Botox is a toxin, this is true, it is a compound, made from bacteria. However, Botox should of course only be handled by an experienced practitioner and in these circumstances it is very safe and boasts an excellent safety record. Ensuring that the injections are carried out by a professional ensures that they are precise, which virtually eliminates any possibility of the drug spreading to any areas it should not. There have been no long term or permanent side effects reported from Botox injections.
In fact, far from being ‘dangerous’, Botox is actually used to treat medical disorders such as tics, migraines, cerebral palsy and back pain. It is essential that Botox is treated with caution as with many other drugs. As a guide, for a cosmetic treatment, whether for wrinkles or excessive sweating, a patient could typically receive around 100 units per treatment, a fatal dose of the drug would be around 100 times this much.

Botox is painful

Most patients who have tried Botox say the injections themselves feel rather like a small scratch and a treatment do not need an anaesthetic. Using ultra fine needles makes the treatment as painless as possible. Afterwards there is typically no more than a small bruise at the injection site, which subsides after a few hours and many clients don’t have any bruising at all.

Botox will cause permanent changes

Botox is a semi-permanent treatment. For many patients who do have Botox and are delighted with the results, sadly the results are not permanent. The effects of any treatment last no more than around four months, after which the treatment needs to be repeated. Some patients who have regular treatments can benefit from a slight cumulative effect after repeated treatments, however, the results are never permanent. At Pure Aesthetics, we offer a free follow up treatment.

Botox is no more effective than creams

Afraid not! No cream can banish wrinkles the way that Botox can. Whilst creams work on the top, surface layer of the skin and are unable to penetrate the deeper layers, Botox works by relaxing the muscles that have led to the wrinkles forming, so its resulting success in erasing the wrinkles is far more significant.
However, it cannot work on every wrinkle, frown lines on the forehead and crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes are two areas that Botox can really help to improve, but deep, vertical lines around the mouth and cheeks won’t see much benefit. These are vertical lines, which are caused by gravity. To banish them will require injectable fillers to plump, rather than Botox.

If you are interested in finding out more about Botox treatment at Pure Aesthetics, we offer a free no obligation consultation with one of our experienced aesthetic nurses at our comfortable Nottingham Botox clinic, which is open six days a week.

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