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Hair removal is a task that is never going to rank up there with the most pleasant of beauty regimes, it’s a time consuming, repeatable process for most of us, and the more traditional methods of shaving, waxing or epilating are effective but don’t give any kind of long term removal, without taking into account, nicks, bumps, rashes and pain during the process.

This is where laser hair removal may provide a viable solution.  The technology to remove hair via laser has been around for over a decade and it’s one of the fastest growing methods of eliminating hair from the body.  It can be performed almost anywhere on the body where your hair growth is unwanted, and it normally results in a permanent reduction of the hair.

At Pure Aesthetics we use LightSheer, a globally Recognized Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Technology. LightSheer is clinically documented and proven to deliver results. It effectively treats the broadest range of skin types. The system safely treats all skin types (Fitzpatrick I–VI), including tanned skin. High power and unique output control enable treatment of nearly any hair diameter or hair colour.

reducing your unwanted hair and we take a look at some below:

  • Treatments are quick, quicker than you may expect, it could take a little as 30 minutes to perform a treatment on a small area like the underarm.
  • You will save money in the long run – think of all those waxing treatments you have endured over the years and how many more in the years to come? How many razors, creams or products have you and will you buy, compared to a course of treatments, the cost, over time is significantly less.
  • You will save time. Laser hair removal removes the need to shave daily or attend your monthly waxing appointment, calculate that for a lifetime and think what you could be doing instead!
  • In-growing hairs are prevented and eliminated: If you suffer from the pain and inconvenience that an ingrowing hair gives you then laser hair removal is simply the best option to prevent them. It’s great with sufferers of sensitive skin too, or for those that suffer irritation and rashes from shaving and waxing.
  • Say goodbye to the need to grow your hair and suffer the annoyance or embarrassment of hiding those legs and underarms between waxing treatments, with laser hair removal, you can shave as much as you like between sessions.


If you have any further questions about the actual process then please visit our FAQ page where we discuss the actual procedure in more detail.


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