PRO Facial


This amazing new treatment will leave your skin looking radiant and refreshed.

The PRO FACIAL EXPRESS consists of 3 steps: Deep Cleanse, Hydrates and Exfoliates

STEP 1 dissolves keratin and cleans the inner pores to give your skin a smooth texture
STEP 2 Contains BHA to remove blackheads, sebum and debris that clog pores. It also has an anti-inflammatory and ant-bacterial effect.
STEP 3 Contains active ingredients which gives deep hydration and nourishment to your skin.

The PRO Facial Express

Deep Cleanses
Face Renewal, Collagen Remodelling
Face Rejuvenation
Elimination of Wrinkles

The PRO FACIAL DELUXE consists of all the above plus Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, Lifting and Skin Tightening.

The PRO Facial Deluxe combined action of all 4 technologies.

AQUA PEELING to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin with an anti-bacterial effect.
RADIO FREQUENCY to improve skin elasticity and accelerate the blood supply.
ION LIFTING which stimulate the skin cells with immediate lifting effect and anti-ageing.
ULTRA SOUND which melts the fat and gives the skin a smooth texture.
(Deluxe facial can include a Hyaluronic face mask)

PRO Facial Deluxe:

Deep Cleanse
Hydrate & Nourish
Stimulation of Collagen
Smooths Skin
Increase Blood Circulation
Increase Lymphatic Flow
Skin Cell Stimulation
Skin Lifting & Tightening


Pro Facial Express £50 (Course of 3 £120)
Pro Facial Deluxe £80 ( Course of 3 £170)