Beauty Boulevard Glitter Lips Coral Reef

Beauty Boulevard Glitter Lips Coral Reef


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Beauty Boulevard Glitter Lips Coral Reef

Beauty Boulevard Glitter Lips Coral Reef. Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard is a revolutionary new lip colour with superbly intense colour, shimmer and durability. Glitter Lips is waterproof, won’t smudge and with a single application lasting up to 8 hours you can eat, drink and party without losing your lip sparkle.

Each pack contains an applicator, gloss bond and a Glitter Lips shade – chosen from the 16 available to suit every skin tone and giving approx. 25 applications.

Directions for use:

Apply a thin coat of gloss bond to clean, dry lips, carefully following the lip line. Keep lips parted and allow the gloss to turn from white to clear.
Slightly dampen the applicator pad to aid glitter collection, then dab the glitter over the gloss bond ensuring a full, even coat. Check for any sticky patches and add more glitter.
Using the applicator brush end dust off any excess glitter.

Soak a cotton disc in an oil-based make-up remover and press on to the lips for 30 seconds before gently rubbing in a circular motion to remove the glitter.
Moisturise the lips well afterwards.

A skin allergy test should be carried out 24 hours prior to use. Do not use on cracked or sore lips. Excessive use can cause dry lips. Moisturise lips well after use.


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