Medik8 Crystal Retinol 10 Night Serum 30ml

Medik8 Crystal Retinol 10 Night Serum 30ml

  • Works up to 11 times faster than standard Retinol
  • Maximum strength formula
  • Plumps, smoothes and brightens
  • To be used in the evening



Product Description

Medik8 Crystal Retinol 10 Night Serum

Medik8 Crystal Retinol 10 Night Serum  works up to 11 times faster than standard Retinol

Wake up to great, glowing skin every day with Medik8’s  new Crystal Retinal 10 serum. This unique formula contains the maximum concentration of a specialist crystal-encapsulated form of 0.1% Retinaldehyde.  This is quicker and easier for the skin to convert into Retinoic Acid.   Getting to work up to 11 times faster than standard Retinol. It effectively boosts collagen production, smoothes  texture and contains natural antibacterial properties to help clear up break outs.

Added hydrators including Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and Vitamin E hydrate and repair the skin, while specialist time-release technology ensure skin only has  minimal irritation. In just four weeks, users can expect a brighter, firmer, smoother and more youthful-looking skin.  Good for most skin types, massage a small amount into cleansed skin at night twice a week. Follow with a moisturiser for best results. After two weeks, slowly increase usage until it is applied nightly. Always apply a sunscreen during the day when using this product.

After cleansing at night, massage a small amount into the face and neck. Follow with your usual moisturiser. To begin with, use twice a week for around two weeks then slowly increase the frequency of application.

The Crystal Retinal 10 is the next step up from the Crystal Retinal 6.

The Crystal Retinal range is ideal for those wanting to step up from standard Retinol but who aren’t ready for the r-Retinoate range.

Patch Test
If you are new to this product or any of its contents, we suggest doing a patch test first.

Use of Retinol
When using Retinol for the first time, it is crucial to allow the skin time to get used to the active content. Apply a small amount at night, no more than twice a week, never on consecutive days, for at least two weeks. If the skin does not suffer any extreme irritation or redness, start to increase the number of applications.  Do this slowly over a period of weeks until you reach a number your skin is happy with. This could range from three nights to seven nights a week.

As Retinol can make the skin sensitive to sunlight, always apply a sunscreen to the skin every morning to prevent sun-induced inflammation and damage.

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