Swiss Smile Diamond Glow Ultra Soft Toothbrush Duo

Swiss Smile Diamond Glow Ultra Soft Toothbrush Duo


Product Description

Swiss Smile Diamond Glow Ultra Soft Toothbrush Duo

Swiss Smile Diamond Glow Ultra Soft Toothbrush Duo. Glow bright like a diamond: expressing your individual personality with elegant Swarovski crystals. Exclusive dental care brand swiss smile combines luxury, aesthetics and timeless design. Following the instant classic nuance nude, another brilliant fashion trend is being launched in the shape of the exquisitely designed diamond glow toothbrushes in rose quartz and serenity ice blue, adorned with stylish Swarovski crystals. The unique swiss smile ultra soft toothbrushes, have up to nine times the number of individual bristles of ordinary brushes, making them much finer and denser than those of their counterparts. The gently round-tipped CUREN© filaments remain dimensionally stable and reach grooves around interdental spaces and gingival cuffs while simultaneously protecting the teeth and gently stimulating the gums.

About Swiss Smile

Combining extensive expertise with luxury, aesthetics and timeless design, swiss smile is leaving ordinary oral care behind. swiss smile stands for the development of the most sought-after and innovative formulas, exquisitely enriched with the finest of ingredients and valuable materials for an unprecedented and highly effective dental and oral care experience. swiss smile‘s exclusive dental beauty range is based on the work of Swiss dental care pioneer CURADEN – internationally acclaimed innovator with a key competence in dental prophylaxis for forty years – and on the friendly support of some 200‘000 globally renowned dentists. swiss smile promises luxurious and highly effective dental beauty products adapted for both day and night use, opening new horizons for a perfectly radiant and beautiful smile.


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