Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent Make up just for you – emphasise your best natural features. Benefit from the indescribable feeling of looking good around the clock.

Welcome to Pure Aesthetics – The premier aesthetic clinic for Semi permanent make up in Nottingham

Established  in 2003, we offer a full range of aesthetic treatments. Semi permanent make up provides you with the opportunity for you to have defined eyebrows, lip liner, and enhance the look and volume of eye lashes.  With semi permanent make up you enjoy beauty that lasts.

How does it work?

Semi permanent make up is a revolutionary method of inserting a small amount of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance colours of skin therefore defining eyebrows, eyelash line or lips.

Swiss color offer high quality pigments, free of iron oxides, colour stable, opaque and last longer in the skin!

All patients require a free consultation to assess suitability pre to having treatment.

When do you start seeing results?

At first, makeup results may look darker, this is due to the pigment on the epidermis layers of the skin at the start. Once the colour softens within a few days following treatment  and the healing process begins patients feel results are best achieved 7-14 days post treatment.

How long will it last?

Results can last up to 2 years, the best possible colour results can last for many years.  Swiss color offer durable pigments and no discolouration with pigments fading evenly. Providing excellent patient satisfaction.

Pure Aesthetics Semi Permanent Make Up – A new way of life

semi permanent makeup3Semi Permanent Make Up is of particular benefit to:

  • People who value a well-maintained appearance and want to save time
  • Glasses and contact lens wearers
  • People with visual impairment
  • Athletes
  • People who have had chemotherapy
  • People with allergic reactions to conventional cosmetic products
  • People with poor hair growth
  • People with scarring between their eyebrows or on their lips


eyebrow webEyebrows can be fully reshaped and any patches of missing hair growth or gaps can be returned to their appearance with addition of fine hair lines. The individual hairs are drown in fine lines and filled in subtly. Use of such fine lines makes it impossible to tell that these missing hairs have been drawn in. The eyebrows are given a natural look and emphasise the face to the optimum.


eyelash webEyelash enhancement is a subtle soft natural enhancement between the lash roots to make your lashes look more defined without an eyeliner look. This is a subtle look that brings out the colour of your eyes. Any patches of missing eyelashes can also be cleverly concealed to give the eyes an air of mystery.


lipsIrregular lip contours are initially adjusted to the required shape. The shape of the upper and lower lip is coordinated with subtle emphasis of the centre of the lips. A delicate colour gradient is added from the outer to the inner contours of the lips to make even narrow lips look fuller. Shading technology is then used to fill in the lips with individually adapted colours. The result: lips with greater colour intensity, expression and volume. (Contour with half blush or contour with full blush)

Pure Aesthetics Semi Permanent Make Up Prices

Hair Stroke Eyebrows £315.00
Eyelash Enhancement Top & Bottom £250.00
Eyelash Enhancement Top £210.00
Eyelash Enhancement Bottom £200.00
Lip Contour & Half Blush £350.00
Lip Contour & Full Blush £390.00

Colour durability

Remember that the more carefully you follow the recommended after-care measures, the better and longer your semi permanent make up will last.

Permanent make up – an indescribable feeling…

Semi Permanent Make Up - woman…a well-maintained appearance around the clock can be achieved if the eyebrows have a natural shape, delicate eyeliner gives the eyes greater expression, the contours of the lips are just right and daily make up is superfluous!


Re-touch within 1 year: 50% off current price

Re-touch within 2 years: 40% off current price

For more information or to book a free consultation call Pure Aesthetics on 0115 950 20 20


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