Hygienic Waxing


Hygienic Waxing

If you are fed up with shaving and want a more lasting and smoother finish then our Pure Aesthetics therapists can get rid of that unwanted hair using the finest Australian Bodycare brand for waxing. Australian Bodycare has been used in professional salons for over 15 years. It is regarded as one of the “trusted” brands. The hygienic waxing system ensures the wax that touches your skin has not been contaminated by anyone else.

Bikini £12
Brazilian £22
Hollywood £27
Eyebrow £10
Top lip £10
Chin £10
Top lip & Chin £17
Full face wax £25
Full arm £20
Forearm £15
Underarm £12
Full leg £25
Half leg £18
Chest £25
Back £25


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