What is involved in eye bag removal or eyelid correction treatments?

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At Pure Aesthetics, we often talk to potential clients who are intrigued by some of the new ‘non-surgical’ treatments we offer and are interested in the potential benefits, although uncertain as to whether the treatment is for them or not. They often want to know, ‘will it hurt?’, ‘will it be obvious afterwards that I’ve had something done?’, ‘how much does it cost?’ and of course, ‘does it really work?’.

One of the treatments potential clients are most intrigued by is the non-surgical Plasma BT treatment for eye bag removal and eyelid correction ‘lifting;’ which has taken the industry by storm since its arrival in the UK five years ago. As one of the safest treatments out there, it is beneficial to clients with all sorts of different concerns, from scar and stretch mark removal, addressing skin tags, selective tattoo removal and acne scarring, as well as one of the most popular requests, tightening of the skin around the eyes.

What is involved in the treatment?

After an initial consultation to agree the areas to be treated, the client simply needs to attend at the arranged appointment for the Plasma BT treatment to be administered by one of our highly- trained medical practitioners, with vast experience in all the aesthetic treatments we offer. The treatment is delivered via a very fine needle, placed directly onto the areas being treated. This needle, set to either pulse or consistently beam, transmits an electric current to the skin and warms it. This warming then encourages the skin to produce collagen specifically in that area. Once this is done, the skin then contracts over time and in doing so, it increases the tightness and tautness in an area whilst healing.

Will anyone be able to tell I have had the treatment?

Swelling is to be expected after any plasma treatment, as the treatment needs to ‘burn’ the skin in order to encourage the skin to tighten as desired. This swelling simply subsides of its own accord naturally following the treatment. For treatment delivered to the eye area, the swelling and scarring following treatment will typically have completely disappeared after 2-3 weeks. Leaving a considerable reduction in eye bags or the droop of eyelids, depending on what has been treated.

How much does it cost?
Plasma BT treatment for lip lines or skin lesions/skin tags starts at as little as £60. Eyelid or eye bag removal or eyelid correction for both eyes costs £350.

How effective is it likely to be?

The treatment has gained in popularity throughout the UK over the last five years precisely because of its excellent results in treating eye bag or eyelid concerns. Compared to invasive surgical procedures the after-care requirements are minimal and the results we have achieved for our clients at Pure Aesthetics, whether they have used it for the eye area, lip lines or acne scarring, have been outstanding.

If you are interested in finding out more about what Plasma BT could do for you, then do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise you. You can get in touch on 0115 950 2020 or email us info@pureaesthetics.co.uk.

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